Arkas Hellas SA, member of Arkas Group, established in 1999. The company aims at becoming the benchmark in shipping agency for both the international shipping lines and the customers. As the only multipurpose agency in Greece, the agency operates two offices, strategically located next to the main Greek ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki.

Arkas Hellas is a multi-service shipping agency as over the years gained the representation of various shipping lines, from global carriers to short sea carriers and feeder operators. The personalized services and the commitment to business partner are the values that make Arkas Hellas a leading agency in Greece.

Having as benefit the know-how from a multinational corporation and its various representations, the company combines the needs of the international container shipping lines with a personalized customer experience.

Arkas Hellas have received the FONASBA diploma (Quality Standard Accreditation) from the International Federation of National Shipbrokers and Agents. The Quality Standard is assigned exclusively to agents, members of the national associations of FONASBA with specific strict criteria and conditions, regarding their financial situation, their organizational structure and the training of the Human Resources.

Through the Shipping Lines represented, we offer services that cover many transport needs from the big deep-sea trades, such as the Far East-Med to the developing short-sea trades of the Intra-Europe, Intra-Med, Black Sea-Med and Africa-Med.

Arkas Line was established in July 1996 as the first Container line, and is among the top 20 liners globally, of more than 40 containerships offering regular services to the Mediterranean, Black Sea, North and West Africa.

DAL (Deutsche Afrika-Linien) was established in 1941. It is a privately owned shipping line and one of the most respected liner shipping companies, focusing on South Africa and Madagascar.

EMES Feedering was established in 1996 as a member of Arkas group that offers feedering services with a fleet more than 20 vessels to the Mediterranean, Black Sea and North Africa.