For the past three years, ICAP has handed out awards to businesses and groups in its True Leader program based on published achievements. TRUE LEADERS is an annual award given to companies and groups that exhibited superior performance and progress in 2012 by fulfilling the following objectives and measurable criteria:

► Ranked among the top 500 most profitable Companies or the 200 most profitable Groups based on EBITDA for 2012
► Ranked among the top 500 companies or 200 Groups that have increased their employee base from 2011 to 2012
► High ICAP Credit Score
► Ranked among the top 10 in their industry (based on revenue)

The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Development, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks and was attended by 380 Greek business executives. Philippos Kostopoulos and Kimon Konstas represented Arkas Hellas S.A. at the event.