Interview with Mrs. Wanda Costopoulos for the magazine Logistics & Management

Mr. Antoniadis, journalist from the magazine Logistics & Management ask for an intreview Mrs. Wanda Costopoulos with the subject "The presence of Turkish companies in Greece and the development of logistics in the neighboring country". The interview took place in our offices in a worm-friendly environment.

The first item on the agenda was the development of Turkey in recent 10 years in logistics. They also discussed the contribution of the exports and the reduce of the transport costs as well as the used technology in the industry and the role of the personnel. Another point that they took into account was the relations with the Muslim world, the effection of the war in Syria and the European perspective as the prospects for cooperation in the supply chain between Turkey and Greece. They also comment on Istanbul and the differences and similarities between the Mediterranean coast and the inland of the neighbor country. In conclusion they mention the main competitive advantages of Arkas Hellas, the prospective investment and the future collaborations and eventually the position of Arkas in Greek market, the services and their clientele.

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